本中心名為《特戰學園-Boot Camp Survival Centre》,位於西貢波羅輋,隔坑墩路 佔地數十萬呎,為本港主要的野戰活動場地之一,場地擁有天然環境,加上由一群對War Game活動非常熱愛的團隊,提供模擬戰爭遊戲 (War Game)、野戰活動、團隊訓練 ( Team Building) 及射擊訓練.



Oil Can Castle
Indoor CQB
Tire court
Castle Wall
Natural Forest Field

Covered Resting Area

Safety Lockers

Individual Restroom

First Aid Kit

Coming soon..

Gear Rental
(20 person or above)

(25 person or above)

Rental Equipments

Airsoft gun x 1,Mask x1、BB Bullets x 2000s、Uniform x1

Food and Beverage Lunch & soft drink x1 Lunch & soft drink x1
Price(HK$) $290.00/person $190.00/person

shuttle bus transportation service :

HK$40/head (subject to availability)

*reservsation must be made at least 7days in advance.

pick up location : kwong wah street, mong kok. (other location is subject to additional charge. please contact us for enquiry)

Download application form

how to book :

  1. contact us by email / whatsapp / online booking to confirm availability
  2. $500 deposit for each booking to be settled at least 7 days before the event. balance will be settled on the day of event.

terms and conditions

  1. NO cancellation will be accept for any booking once being confirmed
  2. request for re-schedule must be made at least 3 days prior to the event.
  3. in case of typhoon , the event will be cancelled due to safety measures
    we will contact you for reschedule or refund.
  4. 參加者之傷亡及損失,本公司概不負責。
  5. 參加者因個人理由未能出席或半途退出,則作棄權論,所繳費用概不退還。

please bank in your deposit in below Hang Seng Bank account

Hang Seng Bank A/C: 256-407719-883 ( Power Up Limited)
E-mail : apply@bcsurvival.com


Rules and Regulations
  1. All guests of the “Boot Camp survival centre” must follow all safety instructions and regulations of the centre and all instructions and guidelines given by our staff.
  2. Due to safety reasons, all persons under the age of 12 wishing to participate in any kind of activities within the survival centre, must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Guests must use our facilities with due care. Do not move, remove or take away any properties of the survival centre without the permission of our staff. We reserve all rights to seek compensation if any damage or harm is done to the properties of the survival centre.
  4. Guests who wish to participate with your own equipment, must ensure that all your equipments operates properly before putting them to actual use, for safety reasons.
  5. Guests must take care of your own personal belongings. The survival centre will not be responsible for any loss or damages caused to any personal belongings. No compensation will be made to any such matters.
  6. Guests must ensure that you wear the adequate eye-protection gear or face masks before you enter any of our battlefields.
  7. "Boot Camp Survival Centre" has the right to inspect and test all airsoft guns that are brought into the centre. Any airsoft guns found to be of the power of 2.0 J or above must be immediately taken away from the centre. We will alert the Hong Kong police force if any of the laws of the HKSAR are broken, regarding the users’ air guns. If any personal injuries, damage to the survival centre’s properties or our reputation is done by the use of any illegal airsoft guns, such users must bear all the legal consequences. The injured party may have the right to sue such users for damages. The survival centre also reserve all legal rights to sue for damages and costs caused by such usage.
  8. Contact the staff immediately if anyone is found to be hurt or any properties damaged.
  9. All rented gears and equipments must be returned in whole/original condition. Guests must bear the costs if any damage/lost is done
  10. If any guests refuse to follow the rules and regulations of the centre, or causes serious disturbance to other users, the survival centre has the right to ask such users to leave the centre without a refund. The survival centre will alert the police if the situation is severe.
  11. This activity requires large amount of energy and it involves a certain degree of danger. Users and participants must assess your own physical conditions. People who are not feeling well, or those who have other illnesses or diseases are recommended not to participate. The survival centre is not responsible for any personal injuries or deaths of any participants.
  12. All guests, including those who applied through organizations and individual applicants, will be presumed to have agreed to the above rules and regulations and are willing to follow them. The survival centre will not accept any applicants that do not agree to follow our rules and regulations. Any pre-paid fees will not be refunded.
  13. The above rules and regulations are subject to changes by “Boot Camp Survival Centre” without any notice.

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Email: info@bcsurvival.com

Address: Po Lo Che Road, SaiKung

Tel / whatsapp : 60778764 (Zen) , 94617716 (Michael)

Direction: 地圖連結